Monthly Archives: January 2015

Alright new year meaning the usual attempt to try to do something.
The big things that I have been thinking about is Film, TV, and Video Games. All of these things have my interest and I believe they are what I should go into (as far as what I should write about).

Within thinking about films.

Today I have made a deal with a long distance friend that we should watch all the big award worthy movies and voice our opinion on them. I think I will write about each one and what I think of them. I’m by no means professional and have no idea what I am talking about usually, but I will give it a try to hopefully strengthen my writing capability.

Video Games
Right now I am playing Persona 4 Golden and find it to actually be a great game. Playing it on the VIta and I love this game quite a bit.

Other than the Vita and Persona I am also picking up Dragon Age Inquisition for PS4, Pokemon Omega Ruby/ Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth, Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Though at the moment Persona has my utmost attention.

Finally TV

Seeing as it is January there is pretty much nothing on TV. Everything is on break and will begin hear in two weeks or in some cases months (Once Upon A Time) I watch all sorts of shows and have no shame when it comes to that. I am a rather big night owl and after a point you just begin to watch whatever starts playing on Hulu.

Other than that I have actually been re-watching and marathoning Avatar The Last Airbender and plan to watch Legend of Korra following finish A:TLA.

There is the basic layout to what I am thinking or doing within each category. I will update more as these things progress.

Stay entertained!