Monthly Archives: October 2013

Though I have no fear in stating what I want naturally I prefer to don a Pseudonym. I find it to be a bit more liberating in the sense I can truly be myself and no one could easily look me up or attempt to find me. Also gives me separation in my life and I mean come on who doesn’t love the idea of a secret identity. I know I do. Maybe should make a superhero logo for myself. Then again I am too lazy for that and would be a bit much/ borderline pretentious if I did so. 


I think I am going to stay this now so that way it is clear. I will probably talk about everything and anything that is currently lurking in my mind or around me. Whether it be some form of entertainment- video games, movies, tv shows, and music. Current issues, probably dive into some sexual content, but nothing graphic or descriptive. Just a comment or rant here or there. Finally, just my perspective on again anything. I decide to go this outlet, because I am not sure if a podcast or youtube video upload would be wise. Simply for the fact that I don’t think I will have the audience for either of those things. 

This is my first post on a blog and I am a bit torn whether or not I should be excited about this. Either way we will run with it and just see how it goes. As stated in the tagline I am a urban native which means to anyone who doesn’t know the term/slang? that I am a Native who grew up in a city versus on the reservation. Classifying myself as a native is a big thing to me, because it molded me to who I am now. I do go to college. I also have many friends and family of various racial, religious, and sexual diversity so if I make a comment on here. Know that it is not something I truly believe, but rather my odd brand of humor. I make fun of natives as well. I joke about things on an equal basis.